My family comes from Huelva, the Southwestmost province of Spain, in the Andalusia region.  Huelva is the hometown of Recreativo de Huelva,  the oldest football team in Spain, which was founded in the late XIX century by the Englishmen who settled in town and in the Northern mining village of Riotinto. Our glorious past and some sporadic recent achievements more than compensate for our humble present. Arguably the best jamón in the world comes from la Sierra de Aracena, in the Northern part of Huelva province. The fine white shrimp from its Atlantic coast is also legendary. And the gastronomy of Huelva goes above and beyond these two delicacies. Most fish in Southwest Spain is traded in Isla Cristina, my grandfather’s village. My grandmother comes from the nearby village of Ayamonte, a picturesque border town where Joaquín Sorolla’s “La Pesca del Atún” (The Tuna Catch) was painted -my greatgrandfather is the rightmost guy in the painting. My family, as well as many other villagers, have made a living out of catching and processing tuna fish. Some secrets of tuna fish cooking are unveiled in “La Cocina del Atún”, edited by Felipe and  Bárbara Luzón. People in these villages have established close ties with our Portuguese neighbors of Vila Real do Santo Antonio, in the region of Algarve. Juan Ramón Jiménez, a Nobel Laureate in Literature, is from Moguer, the village portrayed in “Platero y Yo”. Close by, in Palos de la Frontera’s La Rábida’s Franciscan Friary, Christopher Columbus organized his first voyage. Some historical sites of the “Lugares Colombinos” (Columbian Places) do nowadays belong to the Universidad Internacional de Andalucía, a higher education institution that brings over students, scholars and artists from the Latin American world. Doñana, the Largest National Park in Spain, is in the Southeast portion of the province. Beyond its natural wonders, it is said to conceal the secrets of Plato’s Atlantis, which may be closely related to the Paleohispanic Tartessian civilization established in Pre-Roman times in the area. Huelva’s remote location -and the lack of an airport- has helped preserve a large share of its “Costa de la Luz” (Coast of Light, for its 3000+ of sunlight hours per year) beaches almost intact.

A biased picture of New York
An everlasting portray of the city by E.B. White 
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Cross the East River
Grab your bagel before ridding the N/Q downtown
Coffee places where you can think (in New York and beyond)
Take good coffee to the office
Keep an eye on Spanish literature, arts, politics, cinema and much more at the NYU KJC (or at Instituto Cervantes)
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Some music
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Joaquín Sabina
Vicente Amigo
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Jesús Bienvenido
Juan Carlos Aragón

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